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Darkness Radio Dave Schrader
April 19, 2016 07:09 PM PDT
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Originally from Illinois, Dave Schrader has been a resident of Minnesota since 1988 when he attended Winona State College and fell in love with the beauty and people of this great state. He's had an active interest in the paranormal since early in his childhood when he was visited by the spirit of his deceased grandmother. Continued activity and experiences has kept this passion alive. He is a contributing writer to TAPS Paramagazine, and co-host of the paranormal radio show, The Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Lost in Space 08 Forbidden Knowledge - Bob Mitchell & Jason Quitt
April 19, 2016 06:55 PM PDT
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As a multi-dimensional time traveler, Jason Quitt has experienced the past, the present and the future. From ancient Egypt and Atlantis to our possible pre and post apocalyptic future he has been a witness to our un-recorded history. Within the pages of "Forbidden Knowledge" you will learn who we are and how mainstream archaeologists, scientists and historians have been swept up in a fabricated storyline. Our world isn't what we think it is. It's a world once fought and protected by other worldly and dimensional beings. An ascension process is taking place on our planet today that is awakening our consciousness to peer beyond the veils of our known reality. We are once again remembering our place in the universe as multi-dimensional beings who are having a physical experience on planet Earth.

Lost in Space 06 Bob Mitchell - What if?
April 17, 2016 09:35 AM PDT
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What if the world we live in really isn't what we think it is? Author, journalist Bob Mitchell presents a never before glimpse into the inside world of the Greys along with a unique cast of Experiencers, who share their alien encounters including their abductions, their horrifying medical experiments and their universal connection to reincarnation and alien consciousness.

KFNX 10 Spontaneous Human Combustion
March 28, 2016 03:36 PM PDT
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Spontaneous Human Combustion: detested, disdained, denied, debunked by nearly all academicians and forensic professionals as simply "Impossible! The human body does not burn this way! These are hoaxes! There is no way; no way, period." But what if the overwhelming consensus against SHC is wrong?
Part of a human limb extends from a pile of ash at an otherwise nearly pristine fire scene, proving a person has somehow been incinerated more thoroughly than by a crematory retort. It's made many first-responders uncomfortable when they find themselves for the first time confronting what education, training and experience has clearly not prepared them. If it makes you uncomfortable, do not buy this book.
However: if this makes you inquisitive, curious, and eager to know more about the most extreme of combustion conundrums and whether the idea of what history as called SHC deserves to be ridiculed, reviled, rebuked and rejected, or embraced as a preternatural puzzle awaiting a solution ABLAZE! will make for a satisfying, if disconcerting, read.
What is the evidence for The Fire Within? How do firemen react to mounds of human ashes found inside unburned rooms, even inside uncharred clothing? Are these mere "smoking mishaps" as coroners quickly claim, or deaths far less easily explained away? Why do fire scenes crying out for answers meet with misrepresentation, even suppression, of evidence? Why the cover-ups?
ABLAZE! represents two decades of international research that discovered many baffling blazes heretofore lost in dust-covered obscure medical tomes; discloses publicly dramatic new cases of fantastic fires for the first time; presents rare photographs of astonishingly localized incinerations attributed to "clever camera angles" (you decide); and grapples with testimony from eye-witnesses to the "impossible" and of survivors who say they experienced limited SHC and lived to tell the tale.
ABLAZE! argues the case that if no other explanation can resolve this fantastic fires, then SHC must be added to medical lexicon.
Is ABLAZE! a work of fiction? Non-fiction? Medicine? Science? To classify this book is, like its subject, challenging and depends largely on what (who) the reader chooses to or can believe. Shortly before publication of this book, Arthur C. Clarke remarked: "Some cases still seem to defy explanation, and leave me with a creepy and very unscientific feeling. If there's anything more to SHC, I simply don't want to know."
ABLAZE! is about a phenomenon that has remained a hidden malady for over one hundred years; is hotly debated; scientifically confounding; fascinating to ponder.

KFNX 09 Michael Murphy Chem Trails
March 19, 2016 01:46 PM PDT
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Michael Murphy is a journalist, filmmaker and political activist from the Los Angeles area whose work focuses on issues that go beyond the interest of the corporate mainstream media. Michael's work includes co-producing the documentary “What in the World are They Spraying?”and several other short films that address controversial political issues.

85 Paranormal Lockdown Nick groff Katrina Weidman
March 18, 2016 05:04 PM PDT
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Paranormal Lockdown is a paranormal reality television series. It will be executive produced by Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures fame. The series will follow Groff and fellow paranormal researcher Katrina Weidman (formerly of Paranormal State) as they confine themselves for 72 straight hours in some of the most haunted locations. The 6-episode first season aired on Destination America on March 4, 2016, at 10:00 pm EST

83 Jim Hunt from TV's Knock Knock Ghost
March 04, 2016 04:29 PM PST
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James (Jim) Hunt was born in Montreal. This young Libra discovered his strong sixth sense at the age of 5 after realizing he could communicate deeply with the dead. Jim fortunately had guidance from his maternal great grandmother and mother who were also strong psychics in the community.

After moving to Toronto, Ontario in his early 20s, Jim went on to pursue a corporate career for more than two decades before becoming a Life Coach. Jim discovered his true passion was sharing his natural psychic ability with people to assist with understanding their personal path. After completing a Life Skills Coach Training Program, Jim combined his strong intuition and training to develop a unique approach for his clients. Jim works with a diverse customer base ranging from students, executives and professional TV personalities throughout North America and Internationally. Client confidentiality is very important to Jim.

Jim has recently completed his first reality TV show, Knock Knock Ghost(#KKG).
Season 2 begins of #KKG begins in Spring 2016. Be sure to see his show on OUTtv. This show is just not “another ghost hunting show”. Look for his sizzler reels on YouTube. Be sure to have a hand to hold onto when you watch Knock Knock Ghost!

07 Lost in Space - Planet X - Bob Fletcher
March 01, 2016 02:19 PM PST
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Bob Fletcher is a retired investigative researcher who conducted a probe into the CIA's involvement in U.S. drug trade. His report was presented to several congressmen including Sonny Bono. Since then, he has turned his attention to the return of Planet X: Nibiru.

Flat Earth Theory - Mark Sargant 22
February 18, 2016 03:31 PM PST
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Are we inside a Truman show enclosed world, thousands of miles wide? This is part of a series of videos that shows not only is it possible, but likely.

Get your head around this for even 60 seconds, and you'll start to see it.

It's not a joke. It's not a parody or spoof. It's not just the biggest conspiracy, it's the LAST one, the FINAL one.

#69-Jackie Dennison Rescue Medium
December 12, 2015 01:45 PM PST
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I am a Clairvoyant Medium & Psychic Artist and have co hosted the popular and successful TV show ‘Rescue Mediums’ since it began in 2005. The first 3 Seasons partnered with Christine Hamlett and the last 4 with Alison Wynne-Ryder, both gifted Mediums in their own right.
I have been helping spirit to cross over for the past 20 years, a job that I continue to do in front of, and behind the camera's.

Rescue Mediums is now in its 7th Season & airs around the world, including CBS Reality & DMAX in the UK, Zone Reality in Europe, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Channel & W Network in Canada & WE in the USA. All episodes of Rescue Mediums are now available on veryparanormal.com, the portal for everything psychic and paranormal. We are looking forward to filming shortly a new brand new series which will only be available on this exciting new internet based channel.

Apart from Canada, where Rescue Mediums has been filmed, I have appeared on other programmes in countries including Germany for Pro7 TV.
I have been a guest on many other tv shows in the UK including the BBC's 'Look who's Talking' with Nadia Sawalha. ITV's 'This Morning' with Philip Schofield & Fern Britton. Paranormal TV's 'Whines & Spirits' with Karl Beattie & Stuart Torrevell. More recently in 2015 filming with Title Roll Productions for CI Crime & Investigation Channel 'Crimes that Shook Britain', Series 6 , and with Lime Productions for Channel 4 'My Psychic Life'.

I have done radio interviews in various parts of the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Canada & USA and have been featured in numerous Local, National and International newspapers and magazines. I currently write a monthly column for Supernatural online magazine with Steve Furlong offering also a monthly psychic art spirit guide portrait and we were previously regular feature writers for Silent Voices online and quarterly magazine.

I am the co-author of 'A House with Spirit', a local history book with a difference, dedicated to Marbury Hall, Cheshire and am currently working on a new book and oracle cards.

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